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KayAnn K. Tate, L.M.T., L.E., R.M.T., N.A.

Is dedicated to providing the most current therapies available to the field of Esthetics, and Massage Therapy in a soothing, nurturing and stress-reducing environment.

The “While in Paradise Day Spa ”

Philosophy is;

“True beauty and vibrant health within, reflects itself throughout.”

Our treatments are designed to address a wide variety of individual needs; and as most conditions develop over time, personalized treatments are

recommended in a series.

Please review our many services and then call

for a free consultation.

Only by taking the time to discuss your individual needs, can we best determine the course of action to help you look and feel your very best now!

044 624 150 5608

By Appointment only

Gift Certifcates Available

Email: For more information, and scheduling,

Contact us by clicking on the contact page.



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